Grade C Whiskey Barrel Whole Authentic 53 Gallon


Doing your own project? Want to have the biggest bonfire you've ever had? Our grade C barrels are the most affordable barrel we offer! These grade C whiskey barrels perfect for planters, taking apart for smaller projects, or simply great white oak firewood! 

authentic authenticity    Authentic whiskey aged barrels

    Each piece unique as a snowflake

    Diameter: 22" Diameter at belly: 24" Height: 35-36"

oak    Sustainability sourced from white oak trees

american steel    American steel

"Grade C" Description

Loose and missing bands but the barrel is still held together

Barrels that once held beer - may have existing traces

Bung hole may be on the top or side

Medium to heavy rust on steel bands

May vary from light or darker aging wood to a gray color

Medium to heavy staining

Bottom/Top heads may have warpage

May have leftover liquid

Buying Guide

These barrels are best for:



Exterior decoration

Take apart for small projects


Local Pickup

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