Infusion Smoked Cocktail Puck


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Crafted from authentic whiskey barrel heads straight from a Kentucky distillery. We hand select pieces of the barrel wood that were recently dumped of fresh whiskey then CNC cut the vents and locaters. Hand sanding and finishing to create this truly unique smoking chimney for crafting smokey cocktails. 

The puck will fit various sizes of glassware but the slot cut out as a locater will fit 2.875” to 3.375” diameter glass. The vents must be exposed to the outer edge of the glass to work properly.

Use any of these materials to create a savory smoked cocktail (not included)

Oak wood: can partially mimic barrel aging and accentuate the charred wood notes in whisky
Pecan wood: charred nuttiness
Rosemary: rustic, herbaceous flavor
Cinnamon: subtle sweetness and lighter smoke
Vanilla beans: sweet and light smoke
Citrus peels: use as a garnish to provide the essence on top of the cocktail
Salt: can lift a drink and enhance the full flavor profile
Ice: creates a gradual subtle smokiness as it melts (For full instructions on creating smoked ice, see the recipe for the Smoked Old Fashioned.)

What Do I Get?

authentic authenticity    1x Authentic Whiskey Barrel Puck



Check it out in action below!


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