Rocking Chair


Handcrafted with 10+ year old bourbon barrel staves, this custom rocking chair is unlike any other piece of furniture you have owned. Just like whiskey, we take our time hand selecting each piece of wood, sanding, buffing, and hand oiling them until perfection. These chairs are built to last using strong American white oak from the bourbon barrels. The charred side of the wood is scraped, smoothed, and sealed to protect all while still maintaining the deep black charred look. We use natural wood oils for a final coating which allows them to be used indoor or outdoors. 

authentic authenticity    Made from authentic whiskey aged barrels

    Each chair unique as a snowflake

handmade handcrafted    Handmade in Michigan

    Treated with natural wood oil

    Locally sourced whiskey barrels

oak    Sustainability sourced from white oak trees

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