Fragment Series - Square Barrel Stave Cocktail Platter - Small


We got artsy with this platter. We use cut ends from authentic bourbon barrels staves and then used epoxy resin to combine them to create a mesmerizing piece to serve your goodies on —each piece engraved with the Motor City Barrels icon. 

    Each piece unique like a snowflake

    Treated with food-safe wood oils

    Locally sourced whiskey barrels

    Length: 9.5" Width: 9.5"  Height: 1.375"

oak    Sustainability sourced from white oak trees


This platter is not meant to use for cutting. Part of wood's beauty lies in its natural irregularities. Because of this unpredictability and inconsistency, wood color and shade may vary.

Handmade to Order

Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to build your piece

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