Wine Barrel Stainless Steel Portable Propane Outdoor Patio Heater - 45,000 BTU


Extend the time that customers can enjoy your patio, deck, or outdoor dining area into the cooler seasons with this stylish Wine Barrel with white oak round top and a Crown Verity CV2650-SS stainless steel portable commercial patio heater. With the ability to provide 45,000 BTU of power per hour and a 16 gauge, heavy-duty reflector, this efficient heating system produces a 12 to 20 foot circle of warmth to keep your customers comfortable throughout the night. Featuring a high output and fuel efficient conical burner, this heater has an adjustable heat output with a burn time of 10 hours on high and 12 to 15 hours on medium or low.

Plus, it can hold a 20 or 30 lb. propane tank to best fit your needs. With easy on and off tank access, switching your propane tanks is hassle-free. Thanks to its all stainless steel, weather resistant construction, this heater will stand up to the elements in any environment. An anti-tilt wheelbase and heavy-duty casters allow for easy, safe maneuverability so you can transport this heater where it is needed most!

authentic authenticity    Authentic wine barrel

handmade handcrafted    Handmade in Michigan

    Treated with natural wood oil

    Locally sourced barrels

    Length: 24" Width: 24"  Height: 91" Barrel Top Height: 37"

oak    Sustainability sourced from white oak trees


Heater Information

  • 45,000 BTU per hour
  • Over 10 hours of burn time
  • Features a high output and fuel efficient conical burner
  • 16 gauge, heavy-duty reflector produces 12 to 20 foot circle of heat
  • All stainless steel, weather resistant construction
  • Capable of holding 20 or 30 lb. propane tanks
  • Easy on and off tank accessibility
  • Includes an adjustable heat output for versatility


Part of wood's beauty lies in its natural irregularities. Because of this unpredictability and inconsistency, wood color and shade may vary.

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