Grade Select Whiskey Whole Barrel 53 Gallon - Fresh Dumped Once Used


Our Select barrels are straight from Kentucky where they were freshly dumped of whiskey. These barrels have tight bands and are still wet barrels. Stored indoors throughout its barrel aging process.

authentic authenticity    Authentic whiskey aged barrels

    Each piece unique as a snowflake

    Diameter: 22" Diameter at belly: 24" Height: 35-36"

oak    Sustainability sourced from white oak trees

american steel    American steel

Select grade is the next level up from Grade A. Hand selected by our barrel experts and straight from Kentucky.

Wowza! The smell coming from these barrels is straight bourbon! Only bourbon has been aged in these barrels.

Note: For aging beer or other items we recommend first wrapping a wet towel tightly around the barrel and letting it soak overnight. 

We do not guarantee liquids to hold in these barrels. Buyer purchases at their own risk. 

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