Whole Barrel - Large - 53 Gallon

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Our 53 gallon sized whole barrels come in 6 styles! 

Aged Oak - $125

These barrels are as authentic as they come. They may have excess spills and rust on the bands but they are perfect for doing your very own projects!

Dark Oak - $175

For those who love the more rustic look this barrel is for you! These barrels are sanded free of rust and grime that give it a finished look yet still a rustic feel.

Retro - $200

Same as our dark natural oak but with a fresh coat of lacquer to keep the barrel in great condition and prevent any rust!

Lite Oak - $185

These barrels are blasted to give a fresh new look of what it once was!

Sealed Lite Oak - $210

The same as our Lite Natural oak but with a coat of lacquer to to give it that finished look. 

Distress - $235

For those who like a darker wood color this barrel is for you. We stain the barrel dark and distress it to give it that elegant look of lite and dark contrast on the oak.   

NOTE: These barrels are empty and are for decoration purposes only. If you are looking to age some beer go to our beer aging barrels here.


Part of wood's beauty lies in its natural irregularities. Because of this unpredictability and inconsistency, wood color and shade may vary.

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Aged Oak barrels are available for pickup and in stock at all times.

Dark Natural, Lite Natural (Unsealed and Sealed), and Dark Distress - Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to carefully make your product. 

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