Flight with Tulip Brew Glassware (Free Customization)



Best way to serve your guests with brew? A brew sampler made from authentic whiskey barrel wood of course!

AUTHENTIC AGED BARRELS: Give your brews a beautiful display with on an authentic whiskey barrel stave made exclusively for craft beers to bring the richness of brewing into each and every tasting.
PREMIUM HARDWOOD: Exclusively in white oak, one of the pre-eminent hardwoods of North America, for a spirits or craft beer tasting flight set of quintessential American quality.
FOR SPIRITS, CRAFTS, AND WHISKEYS: Highest class presentation of your craft beer sampler, scotch tasting, or whiskey sampler tray - exemplifying the finest qualities of the brewing arts.
PAINSTAKINGLY HANDCRAFTED: Each beer flight by Motor City Barrels is handcrafted with exceptional care in Detroit. The tasting flight is available standalone or with four 5oz beer tasting glasses.
UNIQUE BEAUTY: Each oak barrel board that bases our beer-tasting glass set is made beautiful by natural wood's imperfections. Enjoy knowing no one else can present beer tasting in exactly the same way. 16"L x 2.5"W x 1”H.

laser engraved    Laser-engraved leather with your last name

beer glasses    Includes beer sampler glasses

authentic authenticity    Made from authentic whiskey-aged barrels

    Each piece unique as a snowflake

handmade handcrafted    Handmade in Michigan

    Treated with natural wood oil

    Locally sourced whiskey barrels

    Length: 16" Width: 2.5" Height: 1"

oak    Sustainability sourced from white oak trees


Part of wood's beauty lies in its natural irregularities. Because of this unpredictability and inconsistency, wood color and shade may vary.


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